Master the CFA® Level III
morning essay

with Level Three Key
(the ideal supplement)

No more ambiguity

“How exactly should I answer the CFA Level III morning essays?”

  • You’ve learned so much content, but how should you put it on paper?  Write too little and lose points for not answering thoroughly enough.  Write too much and waste valuable time

  • In this course, I’ll teach you four answer structures to use for the four question formats

  • Follow my structures and you’ll be able to garner all available points without wasting a word

“How does scoring work?” 

  • This is a standardized test, which means there’s an objective scoring system 

  • I break down and explain this scoring system for you

  • After you learn the scoring system, you’ll know exactly how to craft your answers

“How do I know I’m practicing correctly?”

  • You need feedback.  You need an answer key.  CFA Institute’s guideline answers are not acceptable on the actual exam
  • I provide answer keys, with grading, for 12 actual past CFA Institute morning session exams (2007 – 2018), organized by subject matter, covering over 100 questions.  This way, you are able to grade yourself  

  • You can also purchase a live grading service for one past CFA Institute morning session exam of your choice

Practice doesn’t make perfect – practice makes permanent.  So make sure you’re practicing correctly

Here's A Bonus Segment - A Time Management Hack

Course Contents

  • Video 1 – Scoring System & Answer Structure
    • Scoring System Overview
    • Answer Structure 1:  Free Writing
    • Answer Structure 2:  Calculations
    • Answer Structure 3:  Grid
    • Answer Structure 4:  Circling
  • Video 2 – Keys To Passing
    • Level III vs. Level II
    • The Biggest Mistake In Preparing For Level III
    • How To Learn The Content – A Magic Pill
    • Self-Grading Your Own Essays
    • Don’t Underestimate The Afternoon Session
  • Answer keys for 12 actual past CFA Institute morning session exams (2007 – 2018), organized by subject matter, covering over 100 essay questions
    * I do not provide the actual past exams – these can be found online free of charge
  • Relevancy guide for past CFA Institute morning session exam questions, updated for the 2022 curriculum, organized by subject matter.  
  • Grading & feedback service with 48 hour turnaround time
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course


video lessons


answer structures to guide you


answer keys with grading


grading &feedback

About Me

I know how to take tests.  I scored in the 90th percentile on the CFA Level III exam and over 70% on every single topic on the CFA Level I and II exams, and earned the CFA Charter after three consecutive years.  (Before the CFA exam, I scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT I, SAT II, and GMAT®).

What’s my secret?  Deliberate practice.  This obviously requires an answer key for feedback.  I’ve found the problem candidates encounter on the CFA Level III essay is that they have no answer key, and thus no mechanism for feedback.  So, I’ve decided to provide one in this program, Level Three Key.

I’ve also found the professional instruction on how to answer the essay questions far too generalized and open to interpretation.  I believe in understanding the system, and then finding the optimal solution.  This is why I’ve broken down the scoring system and developed answer structures that are simple and repeatable, so you can easily apply them yourself.

Alex, CFA

Customer Reviews

Hey, I would like to thank you for building that essay question course! I failed level 3 last year, but with the help of your course, I was able to clear level 3 this year with almost 90 percentile!
- Gaurav, India

I was looking for guidelines on how to answer the questions as well as examples in practice. This is especially true as the CFAI guideline answers are not in the format candidates should answer the question.  I think your videos are brilliant and really give an insight into what the examiners are looking for. I love the way the keys are structured by topic.
- James, Ireland

Your guide provides the Level 3 candidate with a map that helps to point in the right direction in preparing for the essay portion of the exam.  It encompasses a lot of tips in a more methodical way of approaching the essay.  I feel like you've armed me with a rocket launcher.  I will highly recommend your course to any L3 candidate.  Thanks again.
- Gonzales, United States

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Level Three Key
Average rating:  
 21 reviews
 by Khaled
Country: Tunisia

Hi, the content is very useful for AM session. This was one my key enabler to pass L3 in 2019.
Thank you!

 by Abhishek
Precision at work
Country: India

Alex, you have actually opened the Pandora's Box. This is what a Level III candidate needs to know. Cut the crap and straight to the point. Absolutely brilliant.

 by Khaled

This is definitely one of my key enabler to score well in AM session

 by Olav
Highly recommended

I passed Level 3 this year due to the AM preparation provided in this course. I was just under the 90th percentile on the essay section but on the prior attempt in 2018 I was in the bottom 10%. I highly recommend this course to any Level 3 candidate.

 by Fares

Thankfully I passed!  Thank you so much for your help.

 by Raghvendra

I passed. Thanks for your guidance. It helped me a lot.

 by Jordi
Great work

Hey Alex - I just wanted to let you know that the essay material was very very helpful. You made a great work.
I will advise to new lvl 3 candidates to take your notes.

And yes I passed :)!!

Thank you,

 by Zachary

Passed! Top 90th percentile across the board! Nailed the essay the most relative to the cohort. Thanks!

 by Obed

I'm happy to tell you I passed. Thank you so much for your materials. They really helped me a lot.

 by Rohil

Wanted to let you know that I have passed.  Thanks again for the help.

 by Syaiful

I passed.  Thanks Alex.

 by Shak

I highly recommend taking Alex's course for all CFA L3 candidates. The course gives you much needed structure and strategy with which to confidently tackle the essay portion. Candidates taking this course are giving themselves a huge advantage!

 by Danny

Wow, amazing techniques to tackle level 3 exam!

 by Michael Lee

Feeling much more confident about passing Level 3 exam this time around. This covers the details that other exam prep courses have lacked. I would highly recommend this to L3 candidates because this course taught lessons that are not available elsewhere.

 by Terrence
Amazing course

AceLevel3 helped me study quickly and efficiently which is important as I have a full time job. Highly recommended

 by Courtney T
Unique and Fantastic Course

This course was a compass out of the wilderness for me.  The tools that I learned gave me a new confidence around the morning essays, and I have gone from dreading the upcoming exam to really looking forward to it.  Thanks Alex, for creating this invaluable program.

 by Peter Philipps
Game changer

This course has been an immense help to my preparations for L3. Now entering crunch time for June I have been nervous about the essay section but this material has been a game changer. Alex's system provides a very clear and methodical approach that cuts out silly time wasting mistakes you may not have even realized you were making. Thank you!

 by Steve

There is simply nothing like this course out there. It takes the hardest part of the CFA and gives you a way to conquer it. Thank you!!!

 by Miranda
Amazing teacher

Alex is a great teacher with clear thought process and a vision of big picture. Not only he can explain complex subjects using simple, straight forward language, he also is skilled in conquering exams with useful/smart tactics. L3 is challenging and I have learned so much from his review session and methodologies. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who’s studying for CFA! Thanks Alex!

 by Ibrahim

The review session with Alex was very insightful and provided me with new perspectives and understanding of the CFA L3 A.M challenge and how best to approach the questions. I would definitely recommend this course as part of any L3 review strategy.

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